InStyle has always been an authority on stylish stuff. Now, the same in-house creative team behind InStyle magazine,, and everything in the Badass universe is making some gorgeous products just for you! Welcome to Badass Goods.

 Inspired by the Badass mantra “Show up, speak up, get things done,” InStyle presents an ever-evolving collection of essential items to make being a badass that much more fun. We’ve paid special attention to filtering out useless nonsense and dialed right down to what’s absolutely necessary to make you go boom: a perfect tote, T-shirt, lipstick, candle, or cream to begin with, with more to come as inspiration strikes, as it often does.

InStyle is committed to sustainability and our packaging is specifically designed to reduce waste. We’re always cruelty-free, both in our stuff and in our lives, because nothing is more badass than that.